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    Quote Originally Posted by Sh33pDawg View Post
    Completely relevant: You can only create iDevice apps on a Mac. I'm a Windows fanboy, but I'd buy the Mac OS for a PC, but I wouldn't but a Mac.
    Regardless, I already have an Apple PowerBook 520 from 1994, so until that dies...I ain't gettin a MacBook.
    Oh yeah, X Code is just shits and giggles.

    Also, Apple doesn't make the Mac OS for PC. You have to get an OSx86 DVD.
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    Is it bad that im a Hackint0sh user?! I have iDeneb 10.5.6 i think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vectro View Post
    Oh that's simple.

    Macs don't get infected with viruses.
    Downside: Macs don't have right-click.
    That's the worst argument people come with. "They don't get viruses"
    Any windows user with a decent amount of common sense and an antivirus labeled anything other than Norton will do just fine.

    If that isn't enough, here's what naka had to say about it. (it's even in one of my bookmark folders cos it's so good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joomla12 View Post
    People don't make viruses for them because anyone smart knows not to spend the shit ton of money on them. Plus, OS X is built on Unix so that means Linux has no viruses either. *cough* FYI, there have been Trojans coded for OS X.

    My media is pretty well organized. I don't know why you'd need OS X to do that. Oh and show me one of the films you've edited. =)

    Windows = Most used OS = Most Viruses
    Unix based machines = Less used OS = Less Viruses

    Now you can't use the excuse that there is less/no viruses on Macs. That'll get people to switch over. And when people switch over, it'll go up in usage and the people will start writing more viruses for them.

    The only good thing about Unix machines such as Mac. Is that programs like Photoshop and all the Adobe products were written on them. And Unix give you a lot more control over your Machine than windows does, so when you port that program from Unix to Windows you lose some of the functionality.

    Other than that, there's nothing special about Mac. The machines are overpriced to hell and back for what you get on them, when you could build a PC with 2-3x more power/speed for the same cost, and install Linux on it.

    Macs have only gained real popularity for 'professional' designers and the similar crowd around Adobe products. And the rich and famous that have money to spend on the expensive 'proprietary' machines, even though most of them don't know how to do much more than check their email with them.

    And @ Psyko,

    Norton is actually an extremely nice AV. It's only problem is that it consumes gobs and gobs of resources and slows everything down on a computer that can't quite handle it. Then you have AVG/Avast/Avira etc, which are all free and good. But if you get a REAL virus and not just some skid trojan/malware, you're screwed whether you have an AV or not, because a REAL virus won't be detected on your AV until it becomes big enough and the signature is flagged by the AV.

    And what Blackout had in the post quoted by Naka in your link sounds more along the lines of Malware, which in his case would of been easy to get rid of, without an AV.

    I personally do not use any Anti-Virus programs on my windows machine because they are simply that useless if you know what you're doing.

    And most of the time I'm on Linux anyways (except for my laptop as theirs no support for it's system board and I don't feel like messing with it)

    P.S. Joomla, ditch Docky and switch to AWN, it's so much sexier and more customizable.
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    I favor Mac OS X for many reasons, here are the main ones.
    • Unix - You can do a shitload more on Unix than you can on MS-DOS. Plus, Unix has compilers and assemblers installed by default.
    • Simplicity - OS X has always been really simple and easy to use. I feel more comfortable with it than Windows. Windows 7 stresses its "simplicity", but it seems to me there's just more shiny graphics. Which annoy the hell out of me, by the way.
    • Less Crashes - It's true. Maybe it's because Apple made the OS and the hardware.
    Anyway, "Mac's don't get viruses" and "Windows can play games" aren't valid points anymore.

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    No I have never try this OS and not installed any time in my PC. I am using the Ubuntu and I think it is best one compare to all other OS.


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