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    Default About 3rd party relations with Nintendo

    I wonder, would third parties not have this "only nintendo games sell on nintendo consoles" attitude if Nintendo satisfied all the third party devs desires?

    Think about it

    Final Fantasy 7, started out on the N64. Due to the lack of space on the cartridge, cheapness of CDs, they switched it to PS1 and made a game unthinkable on the N64s limitations. And so the industry went. Everyone thought CDs were the future, Nintendo wanted to stop piracy among other things, and we all know most third party developers, casual aimed and core gamer aimed, flocked to the PS1

    Then comes the GameCube. It has more Powah than the PS2. It has kinda of a unique gamer appeal from the late 90s with the whole lunchbox look. 3rd party devs really liked it at first, with the REs, and some other titles. But, 3rd party developers took risks on early PSN/XBL titles and as DVD took over the game industry as many predicted in 2000 with the launch of the PS2, 3rd party devs weren't satisfied with mini-dvds not being able to hold as much as a single layer DVD, let alone dual layered, in addition to the lack of online setup for the GCN, plus the GCN sold poorly.

    Then the Wii. Underpowered but unique controls? Devs wanted to put Manhunt 2, Zack & Wiki, Monster Hunter 3 on Wii due to lower costs than HD consoles as those costs were pretty high and still are. Some even make new IPs like De Blob.

    But Nintendo doesn't help third parties market their games on the Wii, not like Sony helps market titles like Demons Souls, etc in its PS3 ads. Plus, 3rd party devs can make a game for PS3/360 (70 million users) and PC with similar builds of the game on each platform BUT they have to completely build a wii version from the ground up, adding to costs and dividing resources/labor and they just don't seem to want to port anything to the Wii due to the hardware limitations, and lack of advertising

    Sure, 3rd parties should advertise their games on Wii more. But shouldn't Nintendo help them? And would the Wii, GCN, N64 had at the very least gotten much more multiplatform software during their gens had they actually been up to date and meeting all industry hardware standards?

    If the N64 used CDs? if the GCN had an online setup like XBL at least after XBL took off, and used regular DVDs, if the Wii had hardware capabilities closer to the HD twins to allow cross platform ports that didn't turn out terrible?

    I mean, if the Wii had near 360 powered hardware, don't you think its 7-9 million base in japan would prompt Final Fantasy 13 on the Wii?

    Think about it. Wii is the best selling console in Japan, if it could still attain this position if the hardware was capable of what the other two can do, a FF13 on Wii would make perfect sense. Sure , that would raise Wii's cost, and i understand they kept the Wii cheap since the controller was such a risk. I understand the marketing, i don't dislike Nintendo's marketing at all. They make games for everyone.

    What i'm saying is, do you think 3rd parties will solve their issues with "only nintendo games selling" and their many differences with nintendo home platforms if Nintendo actually gave them what they wanted? Up to date hardware using all industry standards?

    I'd just like to see a Nintendo home console actually satisfy all these requirements before we close the book on how 3rd parties can never fix their issues with Nintendo.

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    this is a bunch of useless information that no one really cares about...

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