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    Default psn games and addons question

    im asking this question here because i didn't really know what to look up on google to find what im looking for
    i have a $50 psn gift card
    i want to buy wipeout hd bundle (includes wipeoud hd and wipeout hd fury addon) as well as a few little big planet costume bundles
    before i actually download these items
    will everything i download be available for all three of the user accounts on my ps3 system?

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    Yeah it works

    I suggest gettin games rather than gettin add-ons

    The games work perfectly , but there are some problems with the add-ons because i have Pirates of the caribbean and in some accounts it works but in some others it doesn't i have a primary one the one i download everything and 2 others for my sister and cousin my sister can use them but some add-ons my cousin's account cant.

    But i suggest gettin MVC2 that is a good game is about 14.99 but is definately worth it and if you want LBP DLC i suggest if you don't have the game of the year edition:

    Metal gear Solid Levels and Costumes (10.00)
    Pirates of the Caribbean Levels and Costumes (10.00)
    the marvel pack is awesome the costumes but the levels weren't that interesting to be honest i purchased it and i have to say that for the price is not worth it, the levels are quite easy and short and the story doesn't really makes sense :/

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    Thank you for the info.
    It was very helpful.


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