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    Default Rac3rX Gran Turismo Tuning Tools Dampers / Gears / Shift Points

    Here are some tools I built to help with tuning cars in GT6

    Ill give more details when I can, for now here they are, sorry I will give full explanations on how they work, but they are straight forward.

    Check Page 1 and 2 as on page 2 cool adjustments can be done using rev limit, FD and speed cars shifting at

    Dampers are tuned to spring stiffness and then balance to the stroke, you need to copy data from the tuner section to the settings section to set in the setting

    Updated the gear tuner

    The Dyno shows a complete graph. (I would still like to refine it with some trig)

    I added a shift point tuner (that is sweet)

    Page 1 is calibration and input data. The data you input is your best gears tuned in the game. You can use this page like the in game tuner with more and better details.

    On Page 2 in the Gear Tuner. Here is where you adjust the gear set to a particular track, adjusting the gears by speed to the corners on the track. You can also adjust the FDG keeping the same gearing to take advantage of the smaller FDG giving better acceleration (in the game) and you can manipulate what rpm to gear for. Sometime gearing for closer to peak hp may be desired.

    NEW on page 3 is the Shift Point Tuner. Here you calculate when speed/rpm its best to shift at in each gear for best acceleration, and to shift under for best tranny braking.

    I left the input fields open with the tuned gear set from page 2 displayed. This way you can use the tuner quickly without having to redo pages 1 and 2.

    The object is to find the crossover point on the chart. The point first crosses second is the best shift point. If they do not cross you shift at rev limit.

    Gear Tuner
    Download Rac3rX Gear Tuner.rar from - send big files the easy way

    Damper Tuner
    Download Rac3rX Damper Balacer & Tuning Tool.rar from - send big files the easy way

    Camber Tuner being revised while I improve its applicability and adapt it to data logger input.

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    This is pretty sick rac3r. Keep it up. Been a fan since GT psp hybriding


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