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    Default ALL multiplayer PSP Games are Online Xlink KAI Tutorials and Promotional

    This is a Xlink Kai promotional the links will be on the bottom

    Im sure all of you have heard of this program at one point or another.
    Yes Xlink Kai is a program that lets you play console (local)multiplayer as if they were online.

    Most CFW and some Non-CFW have heard of this extraordinary kick-ass program. Well most people hear "play adhoc games online" and say "freakin awsome" I mean how can anyone turn that down.

    But you Download it, Install it(Virus free BTW), Run it,and can't figure out how to use the damn thing. The settings are hair pulling and frustrating but hear me out at the end of this guide you'll want to try it one more time.

    Now first starting of theres the adapter that you need to bur between
    20$-15$ for it not to bad but considering the fact the settings are confusing it makes you not want it because you think "Why spend my money and it doesnt work?" or "What if I buy the wrong one and it doesnt work on my computer?" and trust me that can happen. It happened to me but I didn't check the adapter guide and got the wrong one but now the right one is on its way to my house.

    (And BTW the important guides and facts are at the bottom of this post so be sure to look at those so you'll have all the info you need before you buy the correct adapter.)

    Then theres the fact of people who may think that it is a scam to get you're 20 dollars. I asure everyone it is now a scam it works awsomely.

    There is also the new AdHocToUSB plugin that came out for custom firmware users there will also be a link to the guides on that at the end of this post. This plugin lets you play it without the adapter so you may be wondering "Why buy the adapter then?" well its because the plugin isnt perfect most *SSID swaping games* which include Dissidia and MGS: Peace Walker *(I will explain what that term means soon)*.

    Here is a list of commonly asked questions answered by myself HacKeRsLiM:

    Q: Why is the game lagging?
    A: Obviously one or both of you have a bad connection and a high ping

    Q: What is an arena
    A: Arenas are just folders labeled by the name of the game you are trying to

    Q: Why dont i see any one?
    A: There is no one in your Arena
    Q: But I am and there are people here so whats the problem?
    A: They are not connected or do not have the same region game as you
    Q: But I can see there ping so whats wrong?
    A: Then you are not connected
    Q: How do I make sure I'm connected?
    A: Click on the magnifying glass and you should see your SSID your the thing
    that says "Network Reachable" should say yes. You should make sure your
    port is forwarded (dont worry what this is it usaually isnt a problem). And
    where is says "Found Consoles" you should see a picture of a psp or even
    just a mac adress (A bunch of numbers).

    Q: Can I play different games that do not correspond to the arena?
    A: Yes, there is no actual special setting in an arena that stop other games
    from working there. So if you don't see an area for a game that just came
    out you can play it in a random area as long as someone is there and has
    the same game, region and wants to play you in it. For example you can
    play Grand Theft Auto online in a Dissidia arena. There are no boundaries.

    Now the final part SSID Swapping. I can't really explain it well so ill just put a link to the guides lol.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that you don't need custom firmware to use this. You can use Xlink
    Kai on any psp on any firmware

    END of promotional

    please rate and comment on my post please

    THE IMPORTANT LINKS: Check out before you buy your adapter



    PSP &Kai - Tips for setting-up your wireless USB adapter


    SSID Swapping TUT

    EDIT: BTW as of Xlink kai 7.4 beta (The Newest one) Portfoorwarding should be automatic but feel free to look at the guide anyway.

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    nice guide, used this once with the xbox version of farcry WIN!
    Honey Badger don't give a sh*t!

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    Cool a linux version...

    PSN: DeadlyGmn

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    w00t got my adapter a couple of days ago. i didnt get to reply cuz i was playin peace walker "online" but yeah its freakin awsome on kai. i took down a tigrex with a railgun and dynamo and it was kick ass. no regrets especially since it only cost me 15$ all adapters cost 15$-20$ if there trying to sell it more than that they are rippin you off


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    For KAIXlink i prefer Atheros Chipset Devices. It will have the best compatibility. Some LEVELOne Routers can implement KAIXlink directly so you don't need configure up your Wireless Card or Adapter the Router would do that for you.

    I got a LEVELOne Router that i don't use for the Web, so i have configured it as a little PSP Battleground if friends would visit me and we gonna play over it. It's also a nice solution for playing emulators with netplay support.

    Good to see anybody write a tutorial, got many people with questions about that and i'm tired to answer.


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