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    Default wii homebrew- BlueMSX-wii v1.0

    This is a wii homebrew update by Tim Brugman and Maikel Bloemendal.This is one of there new updates for BlueMSX-wii, a MSX 1/MSX 2/MSX 2+/Turbo R emulator for the wii.This new update is compatible with BlueMSX V2.8.2 and full support with the gamecube controller with a few new fixes.So you wii fans out there now you have a new hombrew update to play with on your wii!!

    Version 1.0 changelog:

    * Updated to BlueMSX V2.8.2.
    * Added full support for GameCube controller.
    * Fixed problems with 'save state'. Also improved speed of saving a lot.
    * Allow empty screenshot elements in gamelist.xml files (did crash before).
    * Missing 'Screenshots' sub directories are now automatically created (on generating screenshot).
    * Solved showing wrong day of state files.
    * Embedded game pack will only be installed when no game pack is already installed.

    Download: BlueMSX-wii v1.0
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