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Thread: batteries

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    Default batteries

    I Don't Know if this is the right thread if not please move it because i did try to look for a suitable thread anyways. Anyways I got tired of buying batteries for the Wii remote and Stuff so i bought these green rechargeable Duracell batteries and they work fine but i have about 4 sets of my old brown Duracell batteries and put the i'm the charger even though the batteries say do not recharge they charge with no problems and they get about 3 bars (some get full) but i was wondering is this dangerous nothing happened to the batteries or the charger or the remote so i figured they were safe buy one more set of rechargeable batteries aren't a big deal but before i go off spending the money for them i was wondering could i keep charging the Do not charge ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daxter000 View Post
    i was wondering could i keep charging the Do not charge ones?
    I don't know you tell me

    lol just don't risk it..there's obviously a reason why they sell rechargeable batteries and regular batteries.


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