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    Default TetriCycle 0.6b Released

    TetriCycle 0.6b Released

    Wii homebrew coder calvinss4 has released a new version of his homebrew Tetris game, TetriCycle! For those that don't know, TetriCycle is a Tetris game for the Wii, but with a twist. Instead of the tetrominoes making a flat wall as they build up, they now build a large cylinder! It's Tetris, but projected onto a cylindrical surface. Instead of moving the blocks, you rotate the cylinder so that the tetromino lands in the correct place.

    Here's the changelog for this release:

    Changelog (v0.6b):
    • 6th Release: 8/19/10
    • Added sound FX.
    • Added powerups to multiplayer. Please enjoy!
    • This game will be open sourced soon, at which point you can add your own powerups.

    This is a really good homebrew if you ask me. I've always been a big fan of Tetris. To download TetriCycle v0.6b, just go to the attachments

    For more information, such as controls, visit the source link below.

    Source - [WiiBrew]
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