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    Default RROD!?!?! zOMG!?!?!

    Ok so last night i was playing Fable 2 and i was saving my game and my screen went all glitchy so i turned off my Console... The next day (today) i turn it on to listen to my music off of my PSP *I've done it before and never had any problems with it* and the PSP kept rebooting itself and i look at my T.V. and my 360 stopped playing my music.

    Curious i turned it on again and logged in and played Fable 2 and it did it again the Glitchy screen... And Then...


    Help!!!! My GF is gonna Neuter My Ass. Please. I've been good, and Polite.
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

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    It sounds like it was a general hardware failure. Most of the 360 failures come from the solder joints heating up and cracking away.

    Anyways, just explain that you aren't at fault for the failure, its Microsoft's crappy hardware. There are tricks you can do to make it work again on Youtube, but this is highly recommended against because with these "fixes" your 360 is only running on borrowed time. The best thing you can do at this point is to contact Microsoft and get a shipping label. If its out of warranty, just complain long enough and they will comply with your request. They get enough of those calls to know if they don't comply with you, you might buy a console of their competition instead.


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