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Thread: DS Help

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    Default DS Help

    I have my old DS that i never use because i have a sweet modded psp, but i just found out about these mod chips for the DS. I am going to get one for my brother so i was wondering what one is the best that can use a lot of memory. Also my brother mentioned to me some thing about a external RAM pack so could any one tell me what is the good stuff to get
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    by modchips i think you mean flashcarts
    slot 1 devices- allow you to play nds roms.. i recommend acecard 2 or acekard 2 i, cyclods.. r4 and m3 are ok as well

    slot 2 devices- play gba roms.. extra ram.. i only know of ezv flash explansion 3 in 1

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    right now like ther previous poster sead the R4i and the Acekard2i are one of the best for the use of an SDHC card i've got my hands on one to use for homebrew (b/c my max media drive no worky worky anymore no more gba slot) and so far i have found it workin out good. customizable theme for it and so on. (still playing around with something hopeing and waiting for someone to get teh sd card or a channel cappable for the DSi for homebrew use)

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    Do not Take R4
    The Best - EDGE, Acekard2i, DSTT and M3
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