I've succeeded in modding many PSP's slim, fat, and bright... It took less than an hour to crack my wii, but i cannot for the love of my life figure out which R4 to buy for my cousins DS... could someone please help!!! lol

I saw this:
DealExtreme: $10.98 "R4-III" SDHC MicroSD/TF Card Multimedia Adapter for NDS/DS Lite

but i don't know if it is the newest or the best because there is 20+ to choose from. I looked at which one's support sdhc, and which one's that work with the DS lite, and which ones take microSD (which i dont even know if it's better to use compared to an SD slot R4), and that still left me with 7 to choose from.

Basically what im asking for is a little guidance towards the newest R4, compatible with the DS lite, and the software it needs... and please don't say google... i've been looking at that word for the last 2 hours... as soon as i get the hardware and software i should be set.