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    Default External Charger for ds battery

    I Have a Phat DS and i got it when it first came out (Yh i know its dated) when i charge it up i have the position the charger a certain way (Like push it to the left or right or put it at the edge of something and push down) and when i do that it sometimes goes out or stop blinking for a few seconds (the orange charge like will blink on and off) or the orange light will fade. its im using a ds light charger with the adapter (its a plug that plugs into the wall then i plug a usb cable in then i put on another adapter for Phat Ds) anyways i wanna know if theres an external charger for the ds so i can take out the ds battery then put in the external charger and when its done charging put it back in the ds

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    wow uumm you would have to buy a new borad for it or charge cable.

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