In the ongoing see-saw headlines battle between September and October rumors of an iPhone 5 release, today we're hearing for the first time about AT&T officials leaking word of a 5th generation iPhone release... in October. According to a report this morning from BGR, a high-ranking AT&T official may have inadvertently spilled the beans on an October iPhone 5 launch by running top secret information down the flag pole to his or her retail managers. Specifically, "high-level AT&T sources" reveal that September will probably bring with it the iPhone 5 unveiling, followed a few weeks later by the actual product roll out in stores. “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days," the report reads, quoting AT&T sources in conversation with their retail team leaders. "So prepare your teams accordingly." The source in question has only been identified as an "AT&T Vice President." Other specifics were not made available.