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    Default T-Mobile USA: Now Accepting iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

    If you are a T-Mobile customer interested in purchasing an iPhone 5 or if you're thinking of leaving your current wireless service provider to take advantage of the new contract-less T-Mobile Service, you might want to head over to the T-Mobile website and pre-order your iPhone 5 asap.

    T-Mobile USA will officially have the iPhone 5 for sale beginning April 12th, and if rumors are true the iPhone 4s might be available for purchase as well. T-Mobile is the last carrier out of the 4 major wireless providers to have an Apple iPhone for sale on their shelves. However, with the announcement that the company was to start providing service to customers without the need of a 2-Year contract also came the news that the latest iPhone model was coming to the "Big Pink" company.

    Under the new agreement the 16gb model will require you to give a down payment of $99.99 followed by a monthly payment of $20 for the following 24 months including $50/month for unlimited talk, text, and data, however data is slowed to 2G speeds once the customer reaches 500 MB for that month. The 32gb and 64gb models follow the same monthly plan, but will require a higher down payment of $199.99 or $299.99 for the latter.

    Are you pondering the idea of a contract-less iPhone experience? Let us know by commenting below.
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