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Thread: [HELP] win7

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    M-M-M Monster Member
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    Default [HELP] win7

    i booted my laptop but i pressed the power button twice
    so it shut down again
    when i boot it up it showed the warning "Windows was unable to start at the last time blah blah blah"
    then there's two option
    one to scan for problems
    the other to start windows normally
    well i picked the second option because i know there wasn't any problem
    after i log in, my theme is the high contrast gray, like the old window classic theme
    i tried personalizing and picking different style, but it goes to the same classic theme
    also my start orb is back to default even if i change my explorer.exe file
    wth is wrong with my computer?
    only the default aero theme works

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    The Moogle
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    Have you tried rebooting? This usually happens when the DWM process doesn't start.

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    M-M-M Monster Member
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    Dec 2008


    yeah i have rebooted many times already

    sorry BUMP double post
    fixed it, i did a system restore point
    lol im such a noob on this thing
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