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    Default New Pc Build,gfx problems?

    Sup guys,So i built a new pc and so far its been awesome,runs left for dead 2 at max gfx at 1680x1050 no problems,but whenever i play F.E.A.R. or s.t.a.l.k.e.r. there seems to be some issues with the gfx,no matter if i put it to the lowest settings and res there seems to be some screen tearing/lines. I paid $730 for this build and would think that it could at least play some new(er) games as the gfx card is directx 11 capable. I just updated to catalyst control center 10.8 but that didn't fix my issue any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

    Specs:Asus m4a785-m mobo
    Phenom x4 9850 2.5ghz cpu
    Kingston Hyper x ddr2-800 4gb ram
    HIS HD 5670 1gb gddr5 gfx card
    hec 650watt psu
    640gb WD black+200gb seagate barracuda
    22" acer 1680x1050 @ 60hz
    Windows 7 64bit

    EDIT- I fixed the problem using d3doverrider to enable v-sync on all games,now everything runs smooth!
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