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    Quote Originally Posted by Konkor View Post
    Wolfpunk I downloaded S4 league and made an account but I been waiting like 2 hours lol and I still haven't received an activation key.
    sorry that i took so ling to reply my bad
    but it should only take like 30 mins for it to come
    unless you are using like msn or gmail those take up to a day or so
    if it never comes i can give you one of mine i got like 10 of em lol
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    I am also interesting in war or shooter game I usually play this type of game on my console. I suggested to buy God of War and counter strike. this two game are nice for play and I usually play this two game.

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    I love to play shooting game that's why i always play duck hunt game. It is very funny game and it is particular for kids still i like to play. Any ways i prefer to buy IGI and delta force. This both games are good.


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