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    Default Intel working with Google on Chrome OS...

    On the eighth of July Google announced that they are working on an operating system designed especially netbook sites, Google also gave the press a list of some of the partners who contributed to the development of Google Chrome OS.
    Netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers late in 2010.

    Among the names that appear in the list, we also see the Intel processors. Intel got contacted by several publications, and so they have confirmed this. One company representative told press: "We have been privy to the project for some time and we have worked with Google on a variety of projects, including this one. So we proudly welcome Google's move here" Statement comes to contradict the fact that Intel and Microsoft have always been "friends", most likely the rupture between the two companies was when Intel announced that they are working on Moblin.

    Michael Chen, director of the department of Intel sales, responsible for Asia-Pacific region, said in turn that: "Intel's aim (a long term one) is to provide for various hardware products to benefit from any support system Operating on the market. " He said: "In the market, competition is always beneficial, where it exists the most prosperous, and from it, consumers are those who have always benefited.

    Intel had an extra reason to help Google develop Chrome OS. Quite a high netbook-ROMs, which translates most of the genre, includes Intel Atom processors.


    There are no actual picture's of the OS itself (yet).
    You can fine "leaked" one's on Google but it was said that they are fake.
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