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    Default Tablet PC to Become Mainstream?

    After years of enticing rumors, ambitious prognostications and flat-out blather, 2010 may finally be the year that the tablet PC evolves from being a niche device to becoming a mainstream portable computer.
    Why 2010 Will Be the Year of the Tablet | Gadget Lab |

    This is really cool to me for a couple of reasons.. They could be very useful in a profession that requires a lot of writing. Like a journalist, in any kind of sales, or doctor's charts.

    It is true that a laptop and a printer can do the same thing, but not as quickly. It would be quite convenient and much faster than the regular pc/printer setup. I honestly don't think that this is something absolutely amazing that has never been done before; but I do think it's something that offers a huge level of convenience for many people.

    Convenience in an interesting, kinda cool way that I would love to play with for hours! Happy face!

    This is really cool to me. I just hope the prices come down.

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    ohhh, this reminds me of this concept that i saw about 1 year or 2 ago. how they were trying to make this touchscreen computer thats like, a coffee table or something like that. and it was all VERY complex and with very nice visuals. it's something like what they used in 007 Quantum of Solace at the begganing where they looked at the crinmals and shit.

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    wow, finally!!! I hope they deliver... or at least announce a release date... I would definitely get one as long as the price doesn't rape my wallet.. or me

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    I'd never buy a PC that would force me into the slow habits of physically writing on a screen. It's not really convenient unless you're an artist?

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