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    Default Free Software (not being updated)

    Hey guys,here is a massive list of free ware alternative programs for all the tight asses out there that can't afford the big commercial stuff or that just want something easy to use.

    Feel free to contribute more if you know of any useful ones.

    3D Graphics:
    3Delight Free -
    Anim8or - Anim8or Free 3D Animation Software
    Art Of Illusion - Home - Art of Illusion
    Blender - - Home
    Freestyle - Freestyle
    Gelato - NVIDIA Gelato Zone
    Houdini (Free Edition) -
    Maya Personal Learning Ed. -
    Now3D - Now3D Home Page
    OpenFX - OpenFX
    Pointshop 3D - Pointshop3D Download
    POV-Ray - POV-Ray - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer
    SketchUp - Google SketchUp
    Terragen - Terragen™
    Toxic - The toxic Open Source Renderer
    Wings 3D - Wings 3d

    a-squared - a-squared Free (formerly a² free) Freeware! A2 is a free of charge Anti-Trojan, Anti-Worm, Anti-Dialer and Anti-Spyware Software - optimal protection
    AntiVir - Free antivirus - Avira AntiVir
    Avast - FREE avast! antivirus 4.x Home Edition, anti-spyware & anti-rootkit for Windows
    AVG - AVG Free - Download antivirus and antispyware software for Windows XP and Vista
    BitDefender - Antivirus software - BitDefender - The future of security now!
    ClamWin - Free Antivirus for Windows - Open source GPL virus scanner

    Anti Spyware:
    Ad-aware SE Personal - Ad-Aware @ Lavasoft - The Original Anti-Spyware Company - Lavasoft
    Arovax AntiSpyware - Arovax AntiSpyware
    Arovax Shield - Arovax Shield
    Bazooka - Bazooka™ Adware and Spyware Scanner - Free spyware scanner
    Browser Hijack Retaliator BHR Home Page
    Hijackthis -
    Microsoft Windows Defender -
    Sentinel -
    SpyBot Search & Destroy - calltunes blast search directory web at
    SpywareBlaster - SpywareBlaster
    Spyware Terminator - Free spyware removal and spyware protection - Spyware Terminator
    Super AntiSpyware - - AntiAdware, AntiSpyware, AntiMalware!
    ToolbarCop - Using ToolbarCop to remove the unwanted Toolband, Toolbar Icons and BHO
    Watcher - Tiny Watcher: keep your Windows clean
    WinPatrol - BillP Studios: WinPatrol
    Winpooch - Winpooch : Windows watchdog helps to detect spywares and trojans - opensource - anti spyware and trojan

    Audio Creation
    Gungirl Sequencer - Gungirl Sequencer: Welcome to Gungirl Sequencer!
    HammerHead - HammerHead Rhythm Station - Introduction
    Jesusonic - Jesusonic
    Jungulator - iamthemightyjungulator | Downloads
    KRISTAL Audio Engine - KRISTAL Audio Engine
    LoopBe1 - LoopBe1 - A Free Virtual MIDI Driver
    MIDI Pattern Generator 64 - GRADYWERKS
    orDrumbox - orDrumbox- Free Software Drum Machine in Java for XP, Mac OSX and Linux
    Reaper - REAPER | About
    Smart PC Record - VoIP recorder, Share music, TTS, Voice emotion | Record VoIP, Record Msn, Record Skype, Record Yahoo, Record Gtalk, Record Aim, Record Icq
    Tu2 - Tunafish - vst music sequencer

    Audio Players:
    1by1 - 1by1 - free mp3 and multiformat audio directory player
    Apollo 37zx - Apollo - Sound quality is not skinnable.[/b]
    Billy - Sheep Friends - billy
    CoolPlayer - HOME :
    DeejaySystem MK1 - Deejaysystem(tm) DJ-style audio-video players and mixers
    DeliPlayer. DeliPlayer Homepage
    Foobar 2000 - calltunes blast search directory web at
    iTunes - Apple - iPod + iTunes
    Jet Audio Basic - COWON America
    Juke - Juke Media Player
    Mixere - Mixere - Home
    Mixxx - Mixxx | Free Digital DJ Software
    monoRAVEik - monoRAVEik - MR1200 MP3 Player For DJs
    MoreAmp - MoreAmp
    MPXPlay - Welcome to the PDSoft Homepage
    Musik - wxMusik Site
    musikCube - musikCube. Don't be square.
    QCD Player - Quintessential Player » Play, Rip, Manage and Enjoy your music
    Screamer Radio - Screamer Radio
    VUPlay -
    Winamp - Winamp Media Player - MP3, Multimedia, and Music Player
    Xion - Xion Home
    XMPlay - XMPlay
    Zinf - Zinf: Welcome

    Audio Tools:
    Audacity - Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
    Audiograbber - Audiograbber, CD-ripper for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
    Audiograil - KC Softwares
    AudioShell - ID3 tag editor - AudioShell [freeware]
    Balthers Graphic Groove Box - Balthers Graphic Groove Box
    beatharness - BeatHarness - free VJ software
    BeSweet - dspguru
    CDex - CDex | Open Source Digital Audio CD Extractor with more than 32,000,000 downloads
    CUE Splitter - CUE Splitter Download
    dBpowerAMP Music Converter - dBpoweramp Music Converter
    EAC - Introduction Exact Audio Copy
    EffecTV - Win32 port of EffecTV 0.3.11 (EffecTV for Windows)
    Encounter 2003 - - Software
    Gephex - Gephex - video jockey software
    GermaniXEncoder -
    iTunes Agent - iTunes Agent
    KraMixer - KraMixer :: DJ Software
    M4a/Flac/Ogg/Ape/Mpc Tag Support Plugin for Media Player & Media Center 2005 - M4a, Flac, Ogg, Ape, Tag Support Plugin for Windows Media Player & Windows Media Center
    MediaInfo - MediaInfo
    MP3 Book Helper - MP3 Book Helper
    MP3 Tag - Mp3tag - der universelle Tag Editor (ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2)
    Mp3 Tag Tools - Mp3 Tag Tools Home Page
    mp3DirectCut - mp3DirectCut - editor to cut, fade, split and record compressed mpeg audio
    MP3Gain - MP3Gain
    mpTrim - mpTrim and WavTrim
    MusicBrainz - Welcome to MusicBrainz! - MusicBrainz
    opcode - opcode - direct to disk audio
    SC Free Audio Extractor - Download SC Free Audio Extractor - Extract Audio From Video Files.
    SoundEngine Free - Cycle of 5th (powered by SoundEngine) / Cycle of 5th
    TagScanner - X Development homepage: Redirect
    The GodFather -
    TigoTago -
    Vibe Streamer - Free MP3 streaming server - Stream your music anywhere - Vibe Streamer
    Whorld - <a href="" target="_blank">Whorld - Home

    CD/DVD Burning/Cover creation:
    Burn4Free - free dvd copy cd dvd burner audio data shrink dvd - burn4free freeware
    Burnatonce -
    Burrrn - - The home of Burrrn and Mr QuestionMan
    CDBurnerXP - CDBurnerXP: Introduction and News
    CDRDAO - Cdrdao Homepage
    CDR Tools Frontend - - PROJECTS - CDR Tools Front End
    Deepburner -
    DVDAuthor GUI - The homepage of DVDAuthorGUI
    DVDStyler DVDStyler - Home
    eCover - ..:: eCover ::..
    GUI for dvdauthor - GUI for dvdauthor/MuxMan (Version 1.04)
    ImgBurn - The Official ImgBurn Website
    ISO Recorder - ISO Recorder v 2
    MediaCD - MediaCD
    SilentNight Micro CD/DVD/ISO/AUDIO Burner - The Gigantic Orange Cream-Sicle Search Engine at
    Smart CD-Menu Creator -
    Ultimate CD/DVD Burner - Ultimate CD/DVD Burner

    Compression / Decompression:
    7-zip - 7-Zip
    Alzip -
    bzip2 - bzip2 : Home
    Compress it -
    ExtractNow - ExtractNow - Extract multiple archives easily
    FilZip - Filzip home. Try a great, free zip program.
    Info-Zip - Info-ZIP Home Page
    IZArc - IZArc - The Ultimate Archive Utility - ZIP, RAR, 7-ZIP, UNZIP, UNRAR, ENCRYPTION
    KGB Archiver - KGB Archiver homepage
    QuickZip - Quick Zip Dev - Home
    SimplyzIP - Program for very high security Multiarchiver Scannersoft and many more
    TUGZip - TUGZip - The Free Archiving Utility
    UPX - UPX: the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables - Homepage
    Zip&Go - Product Information

    Defrag Software:
    Auslogics Disk Defrag - Disk Defrag - Reclaim the Speed Of Your Disks
    DIRMS & Buzzsaw - defrag on the fly
    JkDefrag - JkDefrag v3.34
    OpenVMS -
    Whitney Defrag - The Whitney Family

    Desktop Enhancements:
    Autohotkey - AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with Hotkeys and AutoText
    AutoSmall - SOFT
    AveDesk - [release] Avedesk 1.1 - Aqua-Soft Forums
    Clocktrayskins - Download Windows Clock - Show Seconds, Date in system Window clock
    CursorXP - CursorXP Options
    Desktop Sidebar - Desktop Sidebar Home Page
    Filehand - Filehand Home Page
    Glass2k - Glass2k : Chime Softwares
    Kapsules - Kapsules. Simply Widgets.
    Launchy - Launchy: The Open Source Keystroke Launcher for Windows
    Locate32 - Locate32 Web Site
    Lost Goggles -
    Menu Inventor - Menu Inventor | micron developers
    MouseIMP - MouseImp Pro Live!
    Panorama -
    Qliner Hotkeys - qliner hotkeys - The keyboard is back...
    Rainlendar - Rainlendar - Home
    RKLauncher - RK Launcher
    RunFast -
    Samurize - - Samurize News - Samurize is gaining popularity! - News
    SlickRun - Bayden Systems - SlickRun
    Snippy - Snippy
    Taskix - Taskix - Reorder buttons in your Windows taskbar
    TaskSwitchXP Pro - TaskSwitchXP - famous alt-tab manager - NTWind Software
    Trip - Trip.Net Home
    Weather Watcher - Singer's Creations » Home
    WinRoll - WinRoll 2.0
    Yahoo! Widget Engine (Formerly Konfabulator) - Yahoo! Widgets: useful, fun, beautiful little apps for Mac and Windows

    Download managers:
    Flashget - Best Download Manager - FlashGet
    Free Download Manager - Free Download Manager - absolutely free download accelerator and manager
    Fresh Download - Fresh Download - Free Download Manager now supports internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, firebird, firefox, crazy browser, maxthon, myie2, avant browser
    Gigaget - Home - Gigaget:More Than Fast...
    LeechGet - LeechGet - The ultimate download utility
    Retriever - HalogenWare - Retriever
    Star Downloader - Star Downloader - Accelerate, Resume, Schedule and Organize Downloads
    Sun Download Manager - Sun Download Manager 2.0 - Overview
    wackget -
    wget - Heiko Herold's windows wget spot
    WellGet -
    WinBITS - WinBITS Homepage
    wxDownload Fast - wxDownload Fast (or just wxDFast) - A great multithreaded and multi-plataform Download Manager

    Educational Utilities:
    Kicad - Kicad
    Molecular Workbench - The Home Page of the Molecular Workbench Software
    Periodic Table - My shareware has moved to
    SciCraft -
    Scilab - Scilab Home Page
    XCCalc - XCCalc - Extra Precision Floating-Point Complex Calculator -- by Harry J. Smith

    Encryption and data security:
    Axcrypt - Axantum Software AB | AxCrypt | File Encryption Software
    Blowfish Advanced CS- Blowfish Advanced CS
    ccrypt - Peter Selinger: ccrypt
    CRYPTAINER LE - Cypherix Downloads - Cryptainer LE Download Center
    Eraser -
    File Shredder - AbsoluteShield File Shredder
    fseKrit - fSekrit -
    KeePass - KeePass Password Safe
    GnuPG - The GNU Privacy Guard -
    Lock Note - Steganos LockNote: Overview - Steganos GmbH
    PGP Freeware - PGP Corporation - Downloads
    PicoCrypt - Free Portable Encryption/Decryption Software - PicoCrypt
    TrueCrypt - TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

    File Managers:
    2xExplorer - 2xExplorer home
    A43 - http://
    BarracudaDrive - BarracudaDrive Page Has Moved
    CubicExplorer - Cubic Reality
    ExplorerXP - ExplorerXP - Freeware file manager for Win2K/XP
    freeCommander - FreeCommander - freeware file manager
    Gyula's Navigator - [Wanari Ltd. website]
    JExplorer - JExplorer Website Powered by Woo Sik Jung
    MeeSoft Commander -
    SequoiaView - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven: Info

    File repair and recovery:
    ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools - Data Recovery Tools by ADRC Singapore
    Avira UnErase Personal -
    FreeUndelete - Free Undelete Utility Recovers Deleted Files, Unerases Lost Data
    PC Inspector File Recovery - CONVAR & PCinspector Data Recovery Datenrettung recupero dati datarecovery récupération données
    VAIOSoft Recovery Manager - VAIOSoft, Inc - Recovery Manager - Photo Recovery, Data Reocovery, Music Recovery , Movie Recovery for Digital Flim Medias

    Comodo Personal Firewall - Comodo™ Free Firewall Software Download
    Filseclab Personal Firewall - Filseclab Personal Firewall, Free firewall, Open source code
    Jetico Personal Firewall - Jetico - BestCrypt, BCWipe, BCArchive and Jetico Personal Firewal software
    NetVeda Safetynet - NetVeda - Safety.Net
    Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) -
    SoftPerfect Personal Firewall - SoftPerfect Personal Firewall
    Zonealarm Basic firewall -

    FTP Clients:
    CoreFTP - Free FTP client, secure file transfer software
    FFFTP - Sota's Web Page (FFFTP)
    Filezilla - FileZilla
    Flash Wanderer - FTP Wanderer
    miFiles - Simdata Systems - miFiles My Internet Files FTP Client
    SmartFTP - SmartFTP - FTP Client

    FTP Servers:
    Cerberus - Cerberus FTP Server
    FileZilla - FileZilla - The free FTP solution
    Golden FTP Server - Golden FTP server - download free ftp server software for windows
    GuildFTPD - GuildFTPd FTP Server Daemon - GuildFTPd
    Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Lite -
    SlimFTPd - SlimFTPd 3.181 - WhitSoft Development
    TYPSoft FTP Server - ::.TYPSoft.::
    WarFTPD - Jgaa's Internet
    zFTP Server - zFTPServer Suite - A fast, powerful and free Windows FTP-Server

    HTML Editors:
    1st page 2000 - Downloads - Evrsoft
    Aracnophilia - * Arachnophilia
    Blocknote - BlockNote for the Net. HTML WYSIWYG editor
    Elfima Notepad - Elfima - Elfima Notepad
    FoxEditor - ADSoft FoxEditor
    FTP HTML-Kit - HTML Kit for more than editing HTML
    JoJoThumb - JoJoThumb
    Notetab light - Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors
    NVU - NVU
    PSPad - PSPad - freeware unicode developer editor, capable handle near any syntax, e.g. HTML, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C and many other languages with HEX editor and multilanguage interface
    Selida - Selida HTML Editor Home
    SuperEdi - SuperEdi - Unicode Text Editor
    Trellian webPAGE - Trellian WebPage - Software
    TSW WebCoder - Welcome - Professional HTML, CSS and PHP editor - TSW
    visualEdit - visualEdit - Web Based Site Editor - Web Based FTP - ActiveCampaign, Inc.
    WeaverSlave - Weaverslave - Information
    WebDwarf - Virtual Mechanics WebDwarf - Free Web Page Builder
    WYSIWYG Web Builder -

    Image viewers:
    Ahaview - AhaView - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET
    ALSee Picture Viewer - ALSee Picture Viewer and Digital Photo Editor
    BlueMarine - blueMarine - Home
    FastStone Image Viewer - FastStone Image Viewer - Powerful and Intuitive Photo Viewer, Editor and Batch Converter
    Futurix Imager - FuturixImager
    Irfanview - IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
    Picasa - Picasa
    Shell Extension - Free Download · FirmTools ShellExtension 2.0
    XNView - Free graphic and photo viewer - XnView - GRAPHIC VIEWER

    Instant Messengers:
    AMSN - Alvaro's Messenger
    Fomine LAN Chat - Secure LAN Chat (freeware) - FOMINE SOFTWARE
    Gaim - Home | Pidgin
    Google Talk - Google Talk
    Mercury Messenger - Mercury Messenger
    MiniAIM - miniaim :: A Tiny, TOC-based AIM Client
    Miranda IM - Miranda IM - Home of the Miranda IM client. Smaller, Faster, Easier
    Pandion - Pandion - An easy to use XMPP and Jabber client
    PSI -
    qip - QIP
    Skype - Skype official website – free download and free calls and internet calls
    SIM - http://
    TerraIM - Welcome to TerraIM :: The AIM/ICQ alternative :: Version 1.2 now out!
    Trillian Basic - Cerulean Studios -> Downloads

    Internet Explorer Front-Ends:
    AM Browser - AM Browser - Enhance your Web browsing experience with this tabbed web browser!
    Avantbrowser - Avant Browser::Home
    Green Browser - GreenBrowser - Green Web Browser For You
    Maxthon - Maxthon Browser - Full-Featured Browser
    SlimBrowser - Slim Browser: Tabbed web browser with popup killer

    IRC Clients:
    BersIRC -
    BitchX - coming soon...
    HydraIRC - HydraIRC [Main Site Index]
    NodeIRC - node irc single at
    TinyIRC - TinyIRC: Home
    XChat - X-Chat 2 for Windows

    Mail programs:
    Cobian Herald - Cobian's site - The home of Cobian Backup
    Evolution for Windows - Evolution on Win32
    Foxmail - FOXMAIL 6
    i.Scribe - MemeCode Software
    Koma-Mail -
    Mahogany Mail - Mahogany Mail
    NMZ Labs Mail Chekcer -
    Pegasus Mail - Pegasus Mail
    PopTray - PopTray Mail Notifier
    Revolver Mail - Revolver - Organise, Invoicing, Teamwork
    Thunderbird - Mozilla Thunderbird Project (Development Information)

    Anti-spam programs:
    K9 - Robin Keir's home page - Software - K9
    MailWasher- Mailwasher Spam Filter Software: The Reliable Free Spam Blocker | MailWasher
    POPFile - POPFile - Automatic Email Classification
    SpamBayes - SpamBayes: Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.
    Spam Experts Home -
    SpamPal - SpamPal homepage

    Network Tools:
    ACMP - Aagon Consulting - efficient networks
    BeyondCopy - BeyondCopy
    CMDTime NTP Utility - Chameleon Clock
    Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
    Fomine NetSend GUI - Net Send GUI, Net Send Command-line Tool (freeware) - FOMINE SOFTWARE
    FreeNAS - FreeNAS: The Free NAS Server - Home
    Gencontrol - GENSORTIUM full service web agency - Windows Remote Control Programs
    hamachi -
    NetMeter - NetMeter
    NetProfiles - Net Profiles
    NMap - Nmap - Free Security Scanner For Network Exploration & Security Audits.
    Ntop - Welcome to
    PingPlotter - PingPlotter
    PRTG Traffic Grapher - Bandwidth management software - monitor and manage network bandwidth with PRTG.
    PuTTY - PuTTY: a free telnet/ssh client
    RAS Graph & Stats - FlashFXP Support Forums
    RealVNC - RealVNC - RealVNC remote control software
    Remote Reboot - Daylight Saving fix for Windows 2000,XP, 2003, and NT (DST Patch/Fix) New Zealand and Australia 2008 Included
    Tango Dropbox - Tango FTP
    TightVNC - TightVNC: VNC-Based Free Remote Control Solution
    [email protected] - UltraVNC: Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool, Remote Desktop Control, Remote Access Software, PC Remote Control
    WinIPConfig - winipcfg / Win IP Config
    WinNG - WinNG - Windows Network Graph
    WinSCP - WinSCP - Free SFTP Client, Secure File Transfer Protocol, Secure FTP

    Office Application:
    AbiWord - AbiWord - www: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite
    qjot - qjot
    Scribus - | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing
    TextMaker Viewer - TextMaker Viewer 2008 - Free document viewer for .doc, .odt, .tmd, .rtf, and more
    TreeDBNotes - TreeDBNotes - Homepage. TreeDBNotes Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use personal database program, PIM, Word Processor, e-Book maker, Contacts and Passwords manager with Tree Structure

    Operating Systems:
    Damn Small Linux DSL information
    Kaella Kaella - Knoppix Linux Azur
    Feather Linux Feather Linux - About
    Kalango Kalango
    KnoppMyth :: Index
    Kurumin Kurumin Linux
    Morphix The World of Morphix GNU/Linux - Home
    Musix Home Musix GNU+Linux
    Ubuntu based
    Ubuntu Get Ubuntu - Download, request a CD, or buy on CD/DVD | Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Server Edition Ubuntu Server Edition | Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Mobile Edition Ubuntu Mobile | Ubuntu
    Kubuntu Kubuntu | Ubuntu
    Edubuntu Edubuntu | Ubuntu
    Gobuntu Gobuntu | Ubuntu
    Xubuntu Xubuntu | Ubuntu
    Gentoox Gentoox
    Kororaa Kororaa Project
    VidaLinux Vidalinux - Los expertos en sistemas Linux de Puerto Rico - Inicio

    Partition Managers:
    Dubaron - DiskImage DuBaron DiskImage
    g4u - Project details for g4u
    GParted LiveCD GParted -- LiveCD
    Partition Logic - Partition Logic
    Partition Resizer - The Gigantic Orange Cream-Sicle Search Engine at
    Ranish Partition Manager - Ranish Partition Manager. Hard Disk Partitioning Software. Download freeware tools and source code...
    SwissKnife - CompuApps, Inc. - Download Swissknife
    TestDisk - TestDisk - CGSecurity

    PDF Utilities:
    Brava! Reader - Free Brava! Reader Views PDF, TIFF and CSF
    Cool PDF Reader - Cool PDF Reader - View PDF, Free PDF Viewer
    CutePDF - CutePDF - Create PDF for free, Free PDF Utilities, Edit PDF easily;.
    Foxit PDF Reader - Foxit Software
    Free Image Converter -
    Free PDF - Titanium Interactive
    Ghostscript/GSView - Ghostscript: Ghostscript Website
    PDF 995 - pdf 995: create PDF documents easily for free
    pdf24-creator - FREE PDF software | Create PDFs online | PDF creator | PDF converter | PDF plugins for Blogs and Bulletin boards
    PDF/Textbox -
    PDFCreator - PDFCreator
    PDFTK Builder - PDFTK Builder and other PDF Resources
    PDFRedirect - PDF reDirect - The free PDF Creator alternative to pdf995, cutepdf and freepdf
    PrimoPDF - Free PDF Creator - Convert to PDF from Any File You Can Print - PrimoPDF

    Photo manipulation and image design:
    3D Box Shot Maker - 3D Box Shot Maker - Freeware
    ArtRage - ArtRage 2
    Artweaver - Artweaver :: the artist way
    Beneton Movie GIF - Beneton Software
    ColorPic - ColorPicker
    Deep Paint -
    Delineate - Delineate - raster to SVG converter
    Faststone Photo Resizer - FastStone Photo Resizer - Powerful Image Converter/Resizer
    IcoFX - IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor
    Imagicon - Free Download Imagicon 2.8 - Convert images into BMP/JPG/PNG/ICO formats.
    iIco -
    Inkscape - Inkscape. Draw Freely.
    JPEGCrops - JPEGCrops
    Movie to Animated GIF Converter - Evan's Freeware Site
    Paint .NET - Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
    Pixia - introducing Pixia
    Pixie - Nattyware / Pixie
    Pixrev - Python lab - PixRev
    PhotoFiltre -
    PhotoMerge - :: kiwi's digital experiment ::
    Sodipodi -
    Synfig - Synfig » Overview
    The Gimp - GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
    Tuxpaint - Tux Paint
    Watermark Creation - Weiterleitung
    Wax - Wax - [ Homepage ]
    Wink - Wink - [Homepage]
    WinMorph - WinMorph - [Homepage]

    ActivePerl - ActiveState - ActivePerl - The complete and ready-to-install Perl distribution. - Dynamic Tools for Dynamic Languages
    BlueJ - BlueJ - Download
    Crimson Editor - Homepage of Crimson Editor - Free Text Editor, Html Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows
    Code::Blocks - Home
    Context - Text Editor for Windows
    Dev C++ - Bloodshed Software - Providing Free Software to the internet community
    Dev Pascal - Bloodshed Software - Providing Free Software to the internet community
    Digital Mars C++ - Digital Mars Download C and C++ Compilers
    Eclipse - home
    Enigma - Microride
    ExamDiff - ExamDiff: Compare text files with this free file comparison version of file / directory / folder compare tool ExamDiff Pro
    Freepascal - Free Pascal - Advanced open source Pascal compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal - Home Page
    JCreator LE - JCreator &mdash; Java IDE
    jEdit - jEdit - Programmer's Text Editor - overview
    Metapad - metapad home
    Notepad++ - .:: NOTEPAD++ ::.
    Notepad2 - flo's freeware
    Open Watcom - Main Page - Open Watcom
    PaseoExpress - PaseoExpress : YOUR Visual IT Script Generator
    Pelles C - smorgasbordet - Pelles C
    PHP Designer 2007 Personal - MPSOFTWARE | Products | PHP IDE » phpDesigner 2008 the PHP IDE for all PHP Development!
    PHP Hypertext Parser - PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
    Programmer's Notepad - Programmer’s Notepad Home
    PSPad - PSPad - freeware unicode developer editor, capable handle near any syntax, e.g. HTML, PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C and many other languages with HEX editor and multilanguage interface
    Python - Python Programming Language -- Official Website
    Ruby - Ruby Programming Language
    Screenweaver -
    SE|PY ActionScript Editor - SEPY Actionscript Editor -
    SharpDevelop - SharpDevelop @ic#code
    WebMatrix - Page Not Found : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
    WinMerge - WinMerge
    XML Copy Editor - XML Copy Editor

    Pop-up Blockers:
    Google Toolbar for Firefox - Google Toolbar for Firefox
    Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer - Google Toolbar
    NoAds - Stop Popup Web Ads Popup Stopper - NoAds
    PopUp Stopper - POP-UP STOPPER brand ad blocker - FREE popup blocker from Panicware. Trust this pop-up blocker.
    Privoxy -
    Proxomitron - Proxomitron.Info ...the Webhiker's Guide to Proxomitron.

    RSS Readers:
    Ablion - Descargar Abilon. Abilon - rápido, pequeño, powerfull y freeware RSS Aggregator, newsrea
    BlogExpress -
    Feedreader - Free RSS reader / RSS platform for enterprise grade solutions |
    FireANT - - Videoblogs, Vlogs, Video Podcast, Video Podcast Directory, Internet TV
    GreatNews - GreatNews: The Intelligent RSS Reader
    klipfolio - Enterprise Desktop Dashboards and Branded Desktop Applications | Serence
    RssBandit - RSS Bandit - Rss Bandit
    RSSOwl - RSSOwl - A Java RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader | May the owl be with you
    RssReader - RssReader - free RSS reader displays any RSS and Atom news feed
    RSS Xpress - RSS Xpress
    SharpReader - SharpReader RSS Aggregator

    System Information and monitoring:
    AIDA32 - AIDA32 download from Diagnostics category
    ATITool - ATITool - Overclocking utility for ATI and NVIDIA cards
    ATI Tray Tools - Miraserver Message
    Free Disks monitoring - Looking for something at Tools4ever? | Active Directory Management, Disk Quotas, Server Monitor Windows software
    Gkrellm -
    HWiNFO - HWiNFO(32) - Hardware Info
    K1 -
    MonitorApp - desktopApps - monitorApp
    Motherboard monitor - |MG| Motherboard Monitor
    MSKeyViewerPlus - Software Page (Joomla)
    PC Wizard - CPUID
    SIW - SIW | System Information for Windows by Gabriel Topala
    SpeedFan - SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer
    Sysmetrix - Xymantix Online
    Systemware Task Manager - Mediaware
    WCPUID - H.Oda!'s Home Page
    WhatsRunning - Welcome to! The home of What's Running, your system information utility!
    WINAUDIT - WinAudit v2.27 - Free Computer Audit Software
    Why Reboot? - WhyReboot | Exodus Development
    XPSysPad - XP Syspad

    Video codecs:
    DivX Codec - DivX Video Player - DivX Codec - DivX Converter - DivX Web Player - Download DivX for Windows
    FFDSHOW - ffdshow
    XviD - Home of the Xvid Codec

    Video players :
    AC3Filter - AC3Filter
    alltoavi - AllToAvi Home
    AVS DVD Player - Free DVD Player software. DVD/Video player software. Free download!
    BsPlayer - Movie player, Media player, video player, multimedia player, divx player, free player -
    Crystal Player - Crystal Reality - ultimate video and multimedia solutions for PC, Symbian and PocketPC platforms
    Cygwin MPlayer - Nicewarrior Projects - Cygwin MPlayer
    Democracy - Miro - free, open source internet tv and video player
    DivX Player - DivX Video Player - DivX Video Codec - DivX Converter
    Flash Movie Player - Flash Movie Player - freeware flash .swf standalone movie player
    GOMPlayer -
    MaximusDVD - The Gigantic Search Engine at
    Media Player Classic - Files
    MPUI - MPUI, the MPlayer frontend for Windows
    VideoLan - VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!

    Video tools & converters:
    AV DVD Player Morpher - Download AV DVD Player - Morpher - Play, morph, convert, burn video files and add audio/video effects to movies
    AVI2DVD - Avi2Dvd (Official page) The Freeware avi to dvd converter tool
    AVIDemux - Avidemux - Main Page
    AVI Screen Capture - Evan's Freeware Site
    AVI Trimmer - Free video editor, free movie editor / AVI Trimmer
    AVS TV Box Free - Download AVS TV Box Free - Watch and record TV to PC from any sources with FREE AVS Tv Box!
    CaptureFlux - Homepage of CaptureFlux
    DScaler - DScaler - TV & Video Deinterlacer
    DVDx - DVDx (freeware from labDV)
    FlasKMPEG -
    FlowPlayer - Flowplayer | Flash Video Player for the Web
    GB-PVR -
    GSpot - GSpot Codec Information Appliance
    iPodTVShow - iPodTVShow (a Windows GUI for setting TV Show metadata)[/b]
    HDTVtoMPEG2 - HDTVtoMPEG2 Home Page
    Mediacoder - MediaCoder - more than a universal audio/video transcoder
    MeGUI - MeGUI:Main Page - MeWiki
    MobileVideo For iPod - DVD Photo Slideshow, Video Converter, DVD Authoring, Image downloader, Image Processing software
    Movica - Omnium Gatherum - Movica
    PSP Video 9 - PSP Video 9 - Free PSP Video Converter
    Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 Riva VX: English Version
    ScreenCoder -
    STOIK Video Converter - Softforall - software download and review site
    Super SUPER © .
    Taksi - Taksi: Video capture/Screen capture for 3D applications
    The FilmMachine The FilmMachine
    TMPGEnc - TMPGEnc Net
    Transana - Transana
    TVTagger - Tagger
    VCDEasy -
    Video DVD Maker - ProtectedSoft VideoDVDMaker,FinalBurner,DVD2AVI Ripper,YouTube2Video
    Video Tools - Bobyte Software: We make video editor, video joiner and video splitter software
    Videora iPod Converter Videora iPod Converter - Free iPod Video Converter
    VirtualDub - Welcome to! -
    VirtualDubMod - Files
    Zwei-Stein Video Editor - [email protected] Software, Zwei-Stein Video Editor, Fotoman

    Web browsers:
    Firefox - Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable
    Flock - Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser
    K-Meleon - K-Meleon
    Mozilla - - Home of the Mozilla Project
    Netscape -
    Opera - Opera browser: Home page

    Web servers:
    Abyss - ABYSS Web Server: Welcome
    Apache - Welcome! - The Apache HTTP Server Project
    Apache2Triad - Apache2Triad Net
    HTTP File Server - HFS ~ HTTP File Server
    NetworkActiv Web Server - Home of NetworkActiv Web Server (NAWS)
    Sambar - Sambar Technologies Home Page
    Savant - Savant Web Server
    SimpleServer:WWW - Network Downloads : SimpleServer:WWW /// AnalogX
    Smart Cache - Smart Cache - Home Page
    TinyWeb -
    Xitami - Welcome To

    Webcam Software:
    booruWebCam - BooruWebCam
    Dorgem - Dorgem - Open Source Webcam Capture Application
    grabMotion - The Gigantic Search Engine at
    Pryme - Pryme -
    Splitcam - SPLITCAM video clone split cam capture driver software

    Checksum Utilities:
    fsum - SlavaSoft FSUM - Fast File Integrity Checker
    HashCalc - SlavaSoft HashCalc - Hash, CRC, and HMAC Calculator
    HashTab - HashTab... is the coolest thing ever!
    md5sum - | md5sum.exe
    md5summer - Home of the MD5summer
    MooSFV - MooSFV Homepage
    QuickPar - QuickPar for Windows
    QuickSFV - Official QuickSFV Home Page

    General Utilities And Other Applications:
    AdShield - Ad Blocker & Popup Blocker - AdShield blocks ALL web ads!
    AnalogX - Free software downloads, audio tools, internet utilities, DirectX plugins, original MP3 music, MIDI software, web tools, and much more! /// AnalogX
    AppRocket -
    Attribute Changer - - Home
    AutoIt - AutoIt v3 - Automate and Script Windows Tasks - For Free!
    BISS - B.I.S.S. Forums
    Celestia - Celestia: Home
    CCleaner - CCleaner - Home
    ClipGuru - ClipGuru, Your Number 1 Clipboard Assistant
    ClipX - ClipX
    Cobian Backup - Cobian's site - The home of Cobian Backup
    Contact - - isaac boy Resources and Information. This website is for sale!
    Cygwin - Cygwin Information and Installation
    dd for windows
    Dir2HTML - DIR2HTML for Windows
    Dirkey - Dirkey Homepage
    DM2 - DM2
    Doc Converter - Doc Convertor
    EasyCleaner - Official ToniArts software pages
    EditPad Lite - EditPad Lite - Free Text Editor for Windows
    ERUNT - The Emergency Recovery Utility NT - ERUNT and NTREGOPT
    EssentialPIM - EssentialPIM
    Eusing Free Registry Cleaner -
    Everyday Auto Backup - Freeware - Everyday Auto Backup
    Excessive-software - eXcessive Software
    Fab's Autobackup - Fab's Corner
    File Transfer Expert - Latest DivX, XviD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD News - Digital Digest
    Folder Marker - Change folder icon or color by one mouse click. Mark folders!
    Folder Size Extension - Folder Size for Windows Explorer
    Freeproxy -
    Hamsin Clipboard - Hamsin
    HDCleaner -
    HTTrack - HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser
    Inno Setup - Inno Setup
    iWeb Album - iWebAlbum - Free Web Photo Album Generator.
    KeyNote - Tranglos software: KeyNote
    Language Identifier - The Gigantic Search Engine at
    Launch Admin - Launch Admin
    Link Checker - REL Link Checker
    Locate32 - Locate32 Web Site
    Memtest-86 - - Memory Diagnostic
    MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner - MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner -#1 registry repair software
    Money Manager - Software - Error 404: Not found
    Multi Install - Multi Install
    MV Reg Clean - Marcos Velasco Security
    MWSnap - Mirek's Free Windows Software
    NetTime - NetTime
    NMZ Labs File Eraser -
    Notebook BatteryInfo Notebook BatteryInfo Homepage
    Nullsoft Installer - Main Page - NSIS
    OpenContacts - Open Contacts, a flexible address book for dynamic interactions with your contacts.
    Open Subfolder - Bubble Pop Software - Open Subfolder
    OpenWengo - OpenWengo :: Freedom to Call, Freedom to Code[/b]
    Outlook Linker - TeamScope: Outlook CRM, Contact Management, Workflow - Collaborative Solutions for Outlook
    Overdisk - Elias Fotinis OverDisk :: Visualize Folder Size Allocation
    Peerguardian - Phoenix Labs
    png2ico - png2ico - PNG to icon converter (Linux,GNU,Windows,Unix)
    QuickUninstaller - Quick Uninstaller » Accueil
    RegSeeker -
    Rename Master - JoeJoe's freeware utilities - [Home]
    Restoration - cPanel®
    RunItAll - Mali programer :: Besplatni programi :: FREEWARE software
    RunWithParameters - RunWithParameters
    ShellExView v1.14 - ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows
    Space Monger - Old SpaceMonger v1.x
    Starter -
    Startup Control Panel - Mike Lin's Home Page
    Stellarium - Stellarium
    Stickies - Stickies for Windows
    StrokeIt - StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows
    Sudo for Windows - Sudo for Windows
    Syncback - 2BrightSparks | Freeware
    SyncToy -
    Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals: Documentation, downloads and additional resources
    Task Coach - Task Coach
    TextHarvest -[/b ]
    Toolbox - Toolbox
    TreeSize - JAM Software - Windows Freeware
    Turbo Pad - Turbo Pad
    ubSpawn - United Bytes v3.1
    Udpix - UDPixel -
    UninstallSmith =
    URLSnooper -
    Vim - welcome home : vim online
    WakeUpOnStandby - Downloads - WakeupOnStandBy
    WeathAlert - Mark's Site
    Windows Snapshot maker - WinSnap - enable superior screenshots - NTWind Software[/b]
    WordWeb - WordWeb: Free English thesaurus dictionary download
    X-Ecutor - Xpert-Design Software
    X1 Desktop Search - X1® Professional Client
    XP AntiSpy - Offizielle Homepage des xp-AntiSpy
    YourDir - YourDir Download
    Z-Cron - Z-Cron is a central control center for scheduling and automation of software.
    ZoomIT -

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    Wow, quite the list you have there. Thanks a lot!

    Not gonna lie: At first, I thought it was a spammer. Then I seen that it was you, Rubie, and I thought someone hacked your account. But it all seems to be legit to me.
    Last edited by Stryeguy; 06-04-2008 at 02:15 AM.

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    well of course belongs in PC sections :P

    PSN: DeadlyGmn

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    This is good for my friend. He is really cheap

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    i doubt this will get stickied

    Yay Sticky
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    nice,nice thanx a lot man you really helped me out:up:

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    The Vbux to Effort ratio here is low, Rubie you will be deducted 75% of the Vbux for this post due to it been all copy paste.

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    Since your a EDIT:Admin im not going to go against you word im just going to leave it at that.......besides i never said i made the list all on my own

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    Good thread you see all of this and wonder why people buy any software

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubie View Post
    Since your a EDIT:Admin im not going to go against you word im just going to leave it at that.......besides i never said i made the list all on my own
    I am not saying that you don't deserve any points it is indeed a useful list and is worthy of a sticky, however due to the amount of copy and paste put into the post I don't think that it should be given the full amount of points it originally was.
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