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    Post POTW - Rules & Time Spread


    1. Work must be proven as your own via screenshot of original dimensions

    2. Entries should be submitted with IMG codes and no more than 600 x 400 dimensions, if your picture exceeds this size you will be asked to change it and if you don't manage to change it, it will result in a disqualification. Also provide screenshot proof hidden in a spoiler, if possible

    Example Of Screenshot Proof:

    Something to show the original size and if possible, the camera your picture was taken with (exif info). If you cannot do this, don't worry, but please remember to add the [potw] BB code tag, example;

    [potw="Name Of Submitter"]URL OF IMAGE[/potw]

    3. No photo manipulation is allowed unless mentioned in the theme announced, by either Ruzarko or Jazzer

    POTW Time Spread

    -1 week to enter
    -2 days to vote
    -Last day decides winner

    Add the user bar into your signature to support us with our POTW:

    HTML Code:
    Created & Managed By Ruzarko & Jazzer
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