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    Default Socom 4: U.S. Navy Seals

    This is the sixth title and reboot in the SOCOM series and the second for the PlayStation 3. On March 10, 2010, at the Sony GDC press conference it was revealed that SOCOM 4 would be playable with the all new PlayStation Move controller. The Move controller allows players to use motion sensor technology to play PlayStation 3 games. With the unveiling of the new Move controller, Sony also showed a demo of SOCOM 4 being played with the controller.

    Move controller demo.

    SOCOM 4 features a new mode called the "Command Mode". Command Mode which allows the player to see points of tactical interest that cannot be seen in regular mode. In Command Mode, the action will slow down slightly and the screen will become grayish as the player decides his choices though combat will still continue. Also commanders are able to call in airstrikes. This game would be exclusive for the PS3. Expect the game to be out in Q1 2011.
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    Meh, Socom started out great but has been going downhill lately with the newer games imo. I don't think this one will be all that great but we'll see.
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