ayStation 4 has now sold over one million units in France, Sony’s relevant contingent has announced on Twitter.

The news follows similar successes in regions such as Germany and England – proving that PS4’s got a bit of a stranglehold on the market share. Employing our meager math skills, that’s a 1-in-every-64 people who’ve adopted Sony’s latest black box of tricks in France. Not bad going for a console that’s only been existence for just over a year.

For comparison’s sake – we’re statistical hounds the majority of us – Nintendo’s Wii U has shipped 490,000 units, while the Xbox One, PlayStation’s direct competitor, has neglected to disclose its sales for the region. PlayStation 4 is now comfortably the market leader in all European regions.

Japan looks like it’s next on the list to surpass the all-important one million units sold mark – a feat that’ll hopefully happen before the end of the year.