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    Default PS3 Theme Viewer by polishpride212

    PS3 Theme Viewer by polishpride212

    Browsing the internet and found theme packs with no screenshots??? Well thanks to this chap you can now!!! (read the read me included)

    Original writing:

    With the feature of themes just being added, there are alot of themes on the internet, some good some not so good. So I was bored so I made this file that reads all the pngs and forms them into what looks like the PS3's XMB via a web browser. There is a readme file in there but all you have to do is drop the html file and the spacefill.png into the sample>01 folder, launch your web browser, and take a photo of the screen, and you will give everyone a preview of your theme with most of the icons, easily. Please read the readme since there are a few limitations. This is what the preview looks like. I know it is not perfect, but I have only been working on it for about an hour.

    Download: PS3 theme viewer

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    nice this is going to help a lot of people

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    I signed up just to post this:
    This is exactly the sort of thing i've been searching all over the internet for, now if only the OP had actually posted a link.

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    quite nyce, thanks


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