On behalf of the dev of psp Gotube I relaying a message from him since he doesn't have spare time to do this.

"Hello Devs!

As you may have seen, the script repository aren't frequently updated and
here is the explanation for that :

-> I've started a new "big" project which require my whole time, this project is a priority for me

-> I'll start a new year , this time at university, and if my grades are bad I'll be "permanently banned from the project" so it won't fail my whole university cursus

What are the Solutions?

1. -> I drop out of university.....
2. -> I need to find a JS devloper who'll be able to update the actual work if needed
after a long thought I think the second choice is better ...

So if you are familiar to java-script and are able to create your script script I'll add your repository to the update's list

You'll be able to update your script directly without any approvation (think about children maybe not...

I'll not teach you how to code in java-script, there is enough tutorial on the net, and I've already explained the GoTube API on the first version.

If you feel ready to code as hell leave a message here and OP will mail me any "potential coders" so I'll be able to explain them how to create a repository

good luck, see you"------

I edited most it since the Dev is French and doesn't use English frequently.

And so Yeah the Dev needs coders that are willing to help work on Gotube.

If anyone is interested PM me and I'll get you in touch with biscottea lacrevette