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    Default [RELEASE] RS-GUI PopStationMD v3.0

    Homebrew developer Red_Squirrel recently released the latest version of RS-GUI PopStationMD (namely, version 3.0), an app that makes using Dark AleX' multi-disc popsloader easier. And boy if he didn't pile on the improvements and fixes in this spruced-up little homebrew number. Here's the changelog of this version of RS-GUI PopStationMD, taken from the release post:

    * Added Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish and Greek translations!
    * Added popstation.exe support, now 1CD PSX games can be converted too! Only one program to convert ALL PSX Games!
    * Thanks to Brisma, no BASE.PBP or KEYS.BIN is required by popstation.exe
    * Added the zero compression level for 1CD PSX games
    * Added a Splash Screen with a security check for the presence of program's necessary files
    * Possibility to disable and ri-enable aforesaid Splash Screen
    * Added support for NRG and MDF CD images. Now program read these following formats: ISO, NRG, IMG, BIN and MDF!
    * Now popstation.exe and popstation_md.exe will ask user to press any key before closing them, so users can understand what is the error which does not allow the eboot creation (if it exists!).
    * Added a list of games titles-codes
    * Possibility to search for a game title quickly from the listbox
    * Auto-recognition of Game-ID from its title
    * Added a security check for Game-ID correctness
    * Added a "real time" preview of eboot personalization
    * Possibility to enable/disable aforesaid real time preview
    * Added the possibility to insert any image as PIC0, PIC1 and ICON0! All formats and sizes are accepted! Program will resize and covert images automatically
    * Added the possibility to choose the output folder name (Noone, Game Title and Game Code)
    * Added a check for the true existence of selected image
    * Added the docmaker!
    * Possibility to create a DOCUMENT.DAT standard alone or with the eboot itself
    * Possibility to insert any image to DOCUMENT.DAT, program will resize and convert images automatically (so all formats and sizes are accepted!)
    * Possibility to add, remove or clean the images list added to docmaker
    * If DOCUMENT.DAT will be created together the eboot, it will created in the same folder of the eboot
    * Many v2.0b bugs fixed
    * Something other that I don't remember at the moment
    Definitely a meatier update, compared to the last version of this easier-to-use rendition of Dark AleX's multi-disc Popsloader app. Remember to check out the bundled readme file before doing anything, though!

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    except 'conime.exe' process does not shut down with the program on vista, forcing me to use task manager to end the process before I can move or delete the containing folder.

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    Very good and informative exchange .. Thank you!


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