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    Default Homemister Slim IdFixer

    PSP Homebrew Application - Homemister Slim IdFixer

    This Idstore will enable homebrew applications on PSP Slim if the original IDstorage was corrupt, and enable the PSP Slim to boot. It has been tested on slims and it has been successful but I would stay away from the phats with it because it has not been tested on them yet. Unless you want to go ahead and try for us and see if it works but I would not suggest it.

    Note that this is just the initial release of the program and that there are a few bugs that have been identified by homemister91. These include the UMD not working with the program as well as the wireless capabilities.

    Apart from those, this should work fine with all Sony PSP Slim & Lite units. Make sure that you read everything you should before trying it incase you stuff up your PSP!

    Sry for the lack of info, but the basicly explains the application
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    Doesn't work that well for me on phat, it worked a wonder for my slim and for that i thank you Just ask for any help if you need it man


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