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    Default [Release] PSPIRC v1.1.5

    So you want to join IRC channels on the go? Or maybe from a hotspot, but you don't have anything other than your PSP? Then no worries! This easy to use homebrew will have you chatting in no time.

    With ZX-81's IRC client for the PSP, based on Danzel's IRC engine and ZX-81's PSPSSH user interface, you now have a functioning PSP IRC client with IR keyboard support! This binary is compiled for custom firmware 3.XX. It includes WPA support.
    Scource: QJ.Net
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    Hardware: Piano Black PSP 2001 AND Cobalt/Black NDS Lite w/ Acekard R.P.G + EZ Flash V 3in1
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    I had an older version of this, this one looks much nicer, thanks!


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