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    Default 6.60 lme-1.3 all corrupt themes

    well as the title says, every theme i download from this site which i love keep on showing up as corrupt on my psp with cfw 6.60 lme, i know there is no problem with my installation because i have downloaded 2 themes from another source which work fine (metal gear solid and persona 3 portable) if anyone has any solutions please halp, thanks

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    Are you sure the themes are for 6.60 firmware? They have to be made for that specific firmware for them to work.

    If I'm not mistaken most themes on here are for 5.xx and below, after Dark_Alex left, the scene started to die out and most of the theme creators stopped releasing themes, it wasn't just here but all across other psp related websites. Once the scene started to die out the first to jump ships were theme makers, lol.

    I know you can find some 6.60 themes over at endlessparadigm, they're mostly anime type themes though. :/


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