If you would like to submit a theme, please create a thread in PSP Themes forum. It will then be considered for getting moved to PSP Theme Releases for all users to see and download. Before you submit your theme you must follow these steps to help insure your theme has met the requirements to be featured on the front page.

Step One [Presenting Your Theme]
When presenting your theme be sure to use this form below.
[Img](Optional)Theme Header 500px 100px[Img] [img]Preview Screenshot 480px 272px(Limited to only 2 for Preview)[/img] (Center Images) More Screenshots: Screen 2, Screen 3, Screen 4
Firmware: Notes: Download:(only use if no attachment)
As an Example:

More Screenshots: Screen 2, Screen 3, Screen 4
Firmware: 4.01
Notes: A small theme I created a while ago, I thought I would share with you, Enjoy!

Step Two[ Watermarking]
To insure that no other site steals your themes from Consolespot be sure to put a watermark on your previews and header as shown in the images above
A simple "" in the image is sufficient.

Step Three[ Attaching Files]
You may continue to attach files but if you would like use another file host please use these well known and well trusted hosts.
  • Fileden
    A great host but deletes files if not logged in within 30 days.
  • Imageshack
    A well known host that offers great ways on linking files.
  • FileDropper
    Allows users to upload with an amazing 5GB host limit!
  • FileFactory
    Lets users upload at a 300 MB limit, but includes a folder system.
The reason for this form is to keep the front page from stretching. This set up may under go changes, if this occurs all recent topics that followed this set up will be modified to the current.
Feel free to PM me about any issue or details you have.