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    Default Call of Duty 3 - Review

    Call of Duty 3 - Review

    This WWII action packed game got a lot of heat from the press and the general public, saying that i couldn't match the graphics and gameplay of the previous releases of the Game on other formats, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Of course it didn't, Nintendo Wii doesn't have the graphical capabilities to pull of such a high definition game of this sort, but they did make up for it...
    In Call of Duty 3, you play as a division general, leading troops through the ups and down of the second world war. Using your wit and aiming skills, you must complete a series of missions, each located in different parts of the World.

    The graphics of this game are nothing compared to those of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but the graphics are of an acceptable standard for a Nintendo Wii game, (but people don't understand how Nintendo Intend to keep a low price of consoles rather than raising the price just for Graphics) the sounds in this game are good, the realistic sounds along with the realistic controls make it an experience worth going through, many of the sound effects include - Gunfire, Explosions, Aeroplanes, Tanks etc. and this game pulls that of pretty well...

    The controls of this game are very different from the controls in the previous game, using Wii's Remote and Nunchuk, you have the opportunity to hold the Controllers as you would a gun (a bit lighter of course), this makes the game fun, different, and it adds a bit more realism when playing, you can see this below.

    Conclusion: We now know that there are good points and bad points with this game, the good points are the new controlling system, the sound effects, the gameplay is fun and entertaining, but there are also bad points as there are with any game... The Graphics on this game for the Wii as opposed to the graphics on previous consoles (PS2, PS3, 360) are disapointing, but that is a minor drawback as if the Wii console owners wanted graphics, they would have bought a graphics console, but the Wii, just makes this game overall more fun and realsitic.





    Fun Factor
    - Overall -
    (IGN - 7.7/10)

    A must buy for any WWII or FPS fan !
    sbarkeri and rhinos and jazzer15 are the best!

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    Default Want it

    This games looks awsome cant wait to get it. Also do you know if this game has friend codes for online.

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    wow seens weird on the wii.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wii-bluefire-wii View Post
    This games looks awsome cant wait to get it. Also do you know if this game has friend codes for online.
    b ut cod 3 on the wii dosent have multiplayer
    my steam was hacked :'( TWICE!

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