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    Default Mortal Kombat Armageddon - Review

    Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Review - Cert 18

    I got this game purely because i have played this in the past on the Playstation 2, and i loved the Tekken Games, infact, this game is exactly like Tekken, but has more brutality and weapons are available for you to use, Tekken has a wider variety of moves to use but don't let that put you off.

    This game is the same as previous ones, with the graphics improved slightly. Added characters such as Khameleon add to the fun of the gameplay, but this game has a twist.

    This game includes the usual bits, such as Kombat mode - where you train, practice and fight others to rise to the top, but Armageddon has the additional feature of a story mode (Konquest) where there is a proper storyline and you have to solve puzzles and fight your way through the levels, with a boss at the end of each stage... this addition benefits the game in a positive way and has probably made the game more successful than the previous ones. In story mode, you unlock things such as Characters, Items, Koins and more.

    I know it may be dragging on about the new features and gameplay, but there are so many additions that make this game a must-buy... there is a new Kreate-a-Character mode, you cannot do much with your character, but is additional fun once you have done with the game.

    The controls for this game are different from the others, using the Wiimote, you can use special moves by holding B and moving the Wiimote in certain directions, the Classic/GameCube controller is compatible with this game and is fust as fun with them.

    The graphics aren't anything special, especially the blood, very unrealistic and quite disappointing, but it's the gameplay that is the main aim to this particular game. The sounds are average and has the usual of 'Oof!' and 'Ouch!' etc. they are nothing special either, but as said before, the gameplay makes up for it.

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    Overall i would say that this is a game worth getting for any fighting fan, previous MK fan, Tekken fan, or just about any Wii owner, highly reccomend.

    As always, i am eager to hear what you think of my reviews, please post below what you think of the game, my review and anything on-topic.

    sbarkeri and rhinos and jazzer15 are the best!

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