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    Default Castlevania (VC) - Review

    Castlevania Review

    Castlevania is one of many great titles on the NES, it's one of the best NES games released, and has many sales when the NES was at its peak of popularity...

    This game was released in 1987 and did not fail to entertain, there are many difficult levels for you to sink your gaming minds into, and was a very good game around its time.

    You play as one character, fighting your way through levels with a whip and pickups, and at the end of each level is a difficult boss that you have to deal with.

    It is one of many well-known and popular titles that hit the VC, originally from the NES, this game was highly popular around the time of release and was a game to have. It was later brought to the PC, GBA, and many more games have come from it... also, a movie has been produced about Castlevania, and is one of very few movies to evolve from a NES game.

    Although the levels are simple and not very detailed, the fun that you get from playing this game is much more than some of those that you may get from some titles released in this decade.

    As you can see from the image above, the graphics were nothing compared to those of the games of today, but when the game was first released, i believe they may have been somewhat appealing. The sounds are also very basic, but it gives the game a certain 'eerie feeling' when you are playing, making the game more tense - as game music is supposed to do. The sound effects are nothing special but once again... for the NES, people may have said otherwise.

    I am going to rate the different areas of the game as we would see it at it's release nowadays.




    Fun Factor

    This is definitely a game i would reccomend buying id it was from your childhood, or if you are a Castlevania fan... but otherwise, spend your Money/Wii Points on a game that may be more appealing to you.

    (Damn, VC games are hard to review)
    sbarkeri and rhinos and jazzer15 are the best!

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    I still play that game = ) I got it on NES, PC, GBA, PS2 and PSP XD
    Love it, And will always do = D
    FEEL MY WRATH!!!!!

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    That's a good review.

    Send me a PM if you have any news.


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