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Thread: SSBB-Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowAssasin View Post
    anyways i was wondering how do i get to play the Meele Menu Music on SSBB Menu? i saw it a Gamestop, but i think i dont have it help?
    You can change how often a song plays by going to Options, then "My Music", to change how often the Melee Main Menu will play, once you are in "My Music" go to Melee Stages, and there should be an icon for main menu themes, there is a total of 4.

    You can actually play any song on the main menu just by playing a song and going back, even go check your friend's list while listening to whatever song you would like, only downside to this is that as soon as you go to the character selection screen, it will go back to the default theme that was originally playing.

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    i beat it with all characters but am geting the message "cant read disc disc read error, please read operations manual" an hour after play


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