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    Default HELP With Wiigator Back Launcher 0.3beta

    I have installed the Backup Launcher 0.3 beta on my 3.3E firmware wii but it seems that it is not working. I get an error which I cannot recognize as it seems like a bunch of words displayed over each other.
    These are the steps I carried out to install it:
    1. Hombrew Install
    2. Installed CIOS36_rev5-64-v1042 through Wad Manager
    3. Installed DVDX using the advanced setting and choose ISO249
    4. Installed HD_Backup Launcher through WAD manager.
    Is it normal that step 2 should take only a couple of seconds? Have I left something out? Or should I just try to install the 0.3Gamma using the files in the news section of this forum?

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    The DVDX program may be using the same IOS (249) that the backup loader is using and therefore may conflict with each other. I had the same problem a while back with gamma loader and softchip loader. I would also recommend updating your CIOS36 to rev 8 or higher. That fixed some games that weren't playing on earlier versions and were showing a 002 error. Hope this helps.

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