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    Default Gamecube usb loader

    So I've been searching google for like, a hour trying to find evidence of a gamecube usb loader before posting for help, and I failed miserably. Some people say that the wii, when starting a GC disc, shuts off wifi, usb, all the stuff not needed. I was hoping that somebody found a way to stop that.

    So my question to you is; is there one out there? I have blank dvd's, but I find it more convenient to put them in a usb drive.

    And remember, "A helpful post a day keeps the internet troll away" teehee.
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    Only WODE works to load Game Cube games off the USB HDD. There are no loaders that will let you do this. If you brun your GC games to a DVD, you csn burn multiple games if you want also using the WiiKit(Google it) and use GC Back Up Launcher(Get it from HBC) to load your GC games off a DVD.
    Thanx to NinjaPanda for making me this ↑.

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    I know we've been spoiled recently with all the great homebrew hacks for the Wii. But I've been eagerly anticipating a method to load Gamecube games from a USB or SD card for exam 70-648 a long time.Theres only a handful of games (which I own) that Id like to have loaded on my wii so that I can finally get rid of my gamecube (wind waker being one of them).The 70-271 filesystem for the Wii allows Wii images to be mounted and loaded via USB loader. Does the gamecube mode share the same filesystem? Is it possible to enable in game reset back to the System-Menu from gamecube mode?If there is one thing that would make the Wii Homebrew Scene untouchable it would be this, I would donate money .. dunno if anyone is workin on this but if you are, keep up the good work.


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