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    Default Need help with a few things...


    Have a few questions...

    1. How do I check current installed version of everything?
    Followed following guide:
    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii

    And then I've done a few updates.... Not sure which ones I have... at the moment New super mario and punch out is working but not the VC games.

    2. Is it possible to connect Ps2 or Xbox 360 controller via USB?
    Since both of them have USB interface (Ps2 thrue USB converter).

    3. Software for network installing wad etc and network booting games, anyone?


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    Ok, 1.Check your system menu, and then re-softmod it if if its not softmodded, and reinstall the VC games(if manually installed)
    2.No, it's not, those USB ports are SOLELY for USB Loading, Peripherals, and Keyboard. Unless the best HB developers for Wii, and PS2/360 come together and make a software mod, it will never be possible.
    3.There is WAD LAN install, but thats it. If a network boot software was made, there would be serious lawsuits.


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