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    Default Wii black screen -- help

    Hi All,

    I installed a few games as wads via wad manager (so they show up on menu as wiiware),
    and it worked perfect, game icons shown on wii menu, loaded via usb drive.
    I then added 2 more games via the wad manager-
    and when I returned to the wii menu it gone black, and stuck.

    now, when I start the wii, I get the warning screen, I hit the A button, then it plays 2 seconds of the wii menu music (screen black) and it gets stuck in silent black screen.
    No Priiloader installed. I do have an old BootMii backup, but since BootMii was installed as ISO (and not on boot2) I can't get to load BootMii

    It's a PAL, 4.1E system, with WiiKey1.
    Does anyone have any idea how to get around this? Or maybe to get the BootMii backup back?

    Many thanks!

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    i dont know anything about wii's but it sounds like you bricked it :P sorry if i am being a noob


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