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    Default Super stuck or lost or something!?

    Hello,first time here and have been all over the net trying to do this soft mod thing. Found this place in the mix and looked like the best to go back and ask for help at. I have run so many things i dunno where to start. I know it is version 4.0u. I have the homebrew channel working and have run a ton of different crap,wads other stuff i cant remember them all. I have no wifi here so everything i found was online like youtube and other places. I dont know if theres a way to start over or what?The games i downloaded wont play niether will dvd's. Do i need a backup loader to play these? And it seems always one thing wouldnt install right.
    Help please??!! Thanks
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    My homebrew channels:
    cIOS38r14 installer
    CIOSCORP installer (always locks up)
    Homebrew Browser
    Trucha Bug Restorer
    Wad Manager
    los downgrader
    Dunno if this helps. I have no idea what cios amd ios mean.


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