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    Default Video On Demand Coming To Wii In 2009

    As everyone knows wii has had a slow run towards the end of the year, but it seems Nintendo is throwing its hat into the video service arena with Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo in 2009 will offer its own video service to Wii users. Showcasing from Cartoons, Anime, Movies, ect. Nintendo is working with ad agency Dentsu Inc to create content for their new service. Even the forging of other services. Japan will be getting a taste of Nintendo's new service first then it will be open to users across the West and East 2009.

    Funny how this service is not already out you expect because of the wiimote.


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    Wow that took a long time to get the forums up again but hey I'm glad it's back. Well anyway I hope that the Anime and such can also be region free with some subtitle support as I don't want to be watching Amerime lol.

    Well anyway this would be something I'd invest in on the Wii. If all else fails and it's a dud service then I can always fall back on the HBC and MPlayer DVD Lib Edition.

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    it could be a big jump for the wii


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