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    Default FFXIII Coming Out Simultaneously For 360/PS3

    It's official, Square Enix have revealed that Final Fantasy XIII will be arriving in Europe and North America simultaneously on both, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    At GamesCom, producer Yoshinori Kitase told VG247 that we could expect the game to hit western territories by Spring 2010, and that it will be ready for release in Japan come this winter.

    From there he added on, "For Europe and North America, the PS3 and 360 versions are going to be released simultaneously.”

    Kitase also mentioned that they have improved on closing up the gap between the North American and European release dates. He said that in previous game launches the process would take "about a year to localize each version and bring it over to Europe," though we should be seeing the European version of FFXIII, "as close to the North American release as possible."

    Producer Yoshinori Kitase also announced today at GamesCom that the Xbox 360 version of the game would be coming in multiple DVD's and that they're aiming for about three discs.

    He also assured everyone that the two different console versions would basically be equal in all aspects, but he did admit that, "there might be some subtle differences when comparing the two" and the team is doing their best to make both as identical as possible.

    So there you have it, Final Fantasy XIII should be arriving in our hands by Spring 2010. Share your thoughts on this by leaving us a comment below.

    [via: VG247]

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    wow that sounds great this is going to be a smart change in gaming..

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    Huhhhhh... 3 Xbox 360 disks? I think I might just buy it for my ps3 and have to deal with 1 disk then


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