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    Default Toys R' Us to cancel 40% off Kinect offer, to give out a $10 voucher instead

    My oh my! It seems that Toys R' Us is pulling out of their offer to give shoppers a voucher code that will cut 40% off of the price of Microsoft's newest gaming peripheral; the Kinect.

    For those of you who don't already know, the Kinect (Previously named 'Project Natal') offers controller free gaming.

    The company canceled all Kinect orders that used the voucher code and just so happened to blame it on an "Error". Toys R' Us then, hoping to prevent any pandemonium, offered a new voucher of $10 towards anything, including Kinect, to soften the blow. Continue reading...

    Here's a letter showing Toys R' Us explaining the disappointing error.

    The question that has to be on everybody's mind is: "Was this really an error? Did they give too much and is now taking back?" One thing for sure is that they lost a couple of potential buyers, maybe to the unreleased PlayStation Move.

    So, what do you think? Is this good? Is this bad? Will you be buying the Kinect when it retails? Leave a comment below and let us know!

    Source [Examiner]
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    How ironic. Apple just pulled a similar move in Taiwan, where the price on the Mac Mini was lowered significantly by mistake. They received thousands of orders before they had a chance to correct the issue. They tried declaring the orders as invalid, but were instead forced to let the buyers pay the price the computer was set to at the moment of purchase.

    The people who purchased the Kinect with the 40% discount shouldn't be forced to pay the retail price, with a mere 10$ discount.

    Then again, I'm no lawyer.


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