Microsoft Europe Xbox chief Chris Lewis has said the company's working hard with publishing partners to make multiplatform games better on Xbox 360."[Exclusives] are important," he told Eurogamer. "DLC windows of exclusivity are critical for us for differentiation... Exclusive IP is critical. You'll see more of that over time. You'll also see us, though, committed to working with people like EA and Activision on their cross-platform consoles to make sure they play better, and they integrate better across PC, phone and the console in a way other people's just simply can't."We're also pretty confident the cross-platform experience is better on Xbox," he added. "We enjoy great success with Call of Duty. Live is the oxygen that runs through our business. The experience users have through Xbox Live is a fundamental differentiator for us versus other platforms. FIFA is another one. Certainly here in Europe football is a religion. Our ongoing commitment to experiencing better and playing better on Xbox is partly a function of what we do with Xbox Live."Earlier this week, Lewis said he's confident Xbox 360 can be the No.1 console worldwide.