MENUdo - PS3 XMB for DS

Posted by Evolve on August 10, 2011 at 3:11 AM | Views: 5685 | Source | In: DS News

If you're bored with the Nintendo DS theme you have on your DS right now, soulanger from Neoflash has posted a preview video of his project for Neoflash Coding Contest of his PS3 XMB for the DS app! From the looks of the preview video, soulanger has made his Nintendo DS app look almost exactly like the PS3 XMB. The best way to describe this app is that it makes your Cart GUI look beautiful with a PS3 theme as the default GUI. This app has some pretty neat features like sending PC2DS, DS2PC, total-conversion theme editing, seeing in-game video footage while selecting your game, etc. The expected release date of this app is going to be around August 20th, but soulanger isn't sure yet.