Nintendo DS E3 Roundup

Posted by Evolve on August 10, 2011 at 3:14 AM | Views: 4353 | In: DS News

Nintendo showed off two platforms, the Wii and DS, I thought it better for the two to be split up on Nintendo's E3 press conference roundup.

What did Nintendo have for the DS and DSi at their show?

The first game shown off for the DS was the classic from Square Enix Kingdom Hearts. It will be arriving on the DS as Kingdom Hearts 358/2. Although this game was already well known of, Nintendo decided to show it off anyway.

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story was announced secondly. The game features the two Italian brothers trapped inside of Bowser's body as they try to save the princesses and explore a way out. The RPG was said to release in North America and Europe this fall.

Another RPG game followed with the announcement of Golden Sun DS. The series will arrive on the DS in 2010 and will feature an entire new story. Not much other details were revealed, but the game does appear to have some 3D visuals to it. This is surely big news for RPG fans, but if you're not a real fan of RPG's, like me, your not going to be as excited as said RPG fans.

Next up, Patterson's Women's Murder Club Games of Passion, was announced to release October 13 for Nintendo DS. The game is said to be like an interactive book and will allow you to play as three different characters.

Cop: The Recruit, a GTA-style game made by Ubisoft, was revealed next. The game features a young street-racing criminal who is forced to become an undercover cop to acheive freedom.

The next game will allow you to dress up avatars, customize shops, and walk the runway; and that game is Style Savvy. The game is geared toward tweens will let girls play fashion oriented games. I'm sure all you guys out there will be lined up day one to purchase this game, right?

Next Nintendo switched things over to the DSi. The first game they showed for it was Moving Memo, a sketch-drawing movie-maker, will be arriving in the US as Flip Notes Studios this summer on DSiWare.

Also coming along on DSiWare is Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! The game is the third iteration of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong games and will allow players to create and share their own levels for the game. The game is set to come out June 8th for 800 DSi Points.

Nintendo then announced another game with user-created content. WarioWare DIY will allow players to create mini-games from scratch and share them with other players.

Taking a page out of Microsoft's announcements, Nintendo announced photo intergration with Facebook. DSi owners will be able to auto-upload photos taken from your DSi's camera and share them with everyone on Facebook.

Nintendo also mentioned The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, but did not talk much more about it than saying that the game would be available to play on the showroom floor. And with that, those were all the DS/DSi related news at this year's Nintendo E3 press conference.