Sega Details Plans Following Atlus Acquisition

Posted by Evolve on March 29, 2014 at 2:17 AM | Views: 3287 | Source | In: PS Vita News

Sega has been pretty quiet about its plans surrounding Atlus parent company Index Corporation. In a recent press release (translated by Gematsu), the company finally revealed what appear to be major long-term plans regarding the buyout.

First, Index Corporation as it was once known will come to an official close on April 1. Instead, a new Index Corporation will be run by Sega and will handle advertising, distribution, and other such business tasks. This branch will be run by Index Executive Vice President Yasuhiko Hamada.

Index Digital Media, Inc., which handled international business for Index Corporation, will also be restructured. Now, however, it’ll be known as Atlus USA, Inc.

But what about the Atlus that so many of you know and love? Fret not, because it seems that Sega doesn’t have plans to destroy the developer despite countless angry fans believing that to be the case previously. Simply put, Atlus will continue to make the same kinds of offbeat games it’s notorious for, though now Sega Managing Director Yukio Sugino will serve as the studio’s rep.

Sega hopes to keep Atlus making games that its fan base desires while simultaneously doing something productive with the Index name. From the sound of things, it seems as though Sega’s got the right ideas.

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