Vita UK Prices Confirmed

Posted by Evolve on August 23, 2011 at 8:08 PM | Views: 7700 | Source | In: PS Vita News

UK Playstation Vita prices have been confirmed with various webstores ready to take your orders. Having followed the pricing in various regions for some time we knew roughly what to expect and were left unsurprised.

The standard model of Playstation Vita comes in at £229.99 ($377/€263) and offers Wifi connectivity as standard. This would be the price point originally set by Nintendo for their 3DS system before retailers scrambled to reduce prices.

The 3G model of Playstation Vita arrives at £279.99 ($460/€320) with no current announcements on how the 3G functionality is achieved or how much if anything gamers will pay for the privilege.

Putting this into perspective the current price of a brand new Wii console sits at £110 ($180/€125) while the Nintendo 3DS can be found for just £115 ($190/€130) provided you're willing to put up with the aqua colour.

While it cannot be doubted that gamers will definitely be paying for a device with the superior specifications they're accustomed to seeing from Sony, we still have to wonder if these are successful price points for a weak and struggling retail market.

*note: all values for €/$ are through currency conversion and are used as a comparison, the values do not represent prices set for PS Vita in other regions.

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