Doom PS3 0.2

Posted by Evolve on August 24, 2011 at 6:09 PM | Views: 5334 | Downloads: 67 | In: PS3 Downloads

Basic port of id Software's classic FPS Doom for PS3. Supports a variety of WAD content packs.

These WADs include:

doom2.wad (DOOM 2: Hell on Earth)
doom.wad (The Ultimate DOOM or regular registered DOOM)
plutonia.wad (Final DOOM: Plutonia Experiment)
tnt.wad (Final DOOM: TNT - Evilution)
doom1.wad (shareware DOOM)

Copy any of the respective WADs to "/dev_hdd0/game/DOOM00666/USRDIR/" or "/ps3doom/" if running from an external HDD.

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