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A basic port of Tetris for PS3.

Release notes

PS3Tetris by slicer4ever

Requires jailbroken PS3
Install: copy PS3Tetris.pkg onto a flash drive, insert into ps3, install pkg

slicer4ever - author
Robo_Hobo - fix for video issue's
Matt_P - helped on how to use the rsx, and patience as i learned
ooPo - ps3Toolchain, many props!!!!!
PSL1GHT development team - developing PSL1GHT!!
hermesEOL - ps3soundlib, no tetris without this=-)

Release Final
Full game mode
Saved high scores
proper icon0
proper tiltle
dynamic background
choose background color
full audio, tetris music

Release Beta
Full game mode
in-game high score

PS3Tetris.rar (size: 3035 kb | hits: 19)

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