PSP Filer 5.6

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PSP Filer is a powerful yet simplistic file management application designed for the PSP. Notably, version 5.6 features support for accessing flash memory space under the 3/4.X kernel.


* fixed a bug that time stamp of folders in zipfile was corrupted.
* changed a feature to close window when copying done.
before: pushing cross to close it.
now: pushing either circle or cross to close it.
* changed a feature pushing right arrow:
before: mark all files in folder.
now: mark/unmark all files in folder.
* removed a feature pushing left arrow, to unmark all files in folder.
* added a feature to move to parent folder by pushing left arrow + circle.
* added a feature to save this folder to default (this folder appears in next startup) by pushing left arrow + START.
* added a feature to move to default folder by pushing left arrow + triangle.
* added a feature to restore opened folders in archive files after copying/deleting files.
(note: restoring feature is slow: you have to wait a lot if you open many archive files before copying/deleting)

picture viewer:
* made smooth to enlarge/shrink picture.
* fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when background-reading was done.
* fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when pushing analog pad on the edge of the pitcure.
* increased to read JPEG file faster (about 40% faster than before).

/* Please donate (only U.S. $10), if you feel Filer is useful.
Paypal & credit card will be accepted. */

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